Abiding in Christ

A Guided Manuscript Bible Study

written by John Reece

John developed this Guided Manuscript approach while leading a Men’s Bible study years ago through his church, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship. During this time, he saw a need for a study that

    Introduces an accessible way to engage with scripture,
    Encourages interaction with a small group of people,
    Does not require homework,
    Minimal preparation by the leader, and
    Presents each session as stand-alone, so it does not put you behind if you miss a session due to your busy schedule, all within a one-hour session.

The Abiding in Christ study is a series of nine related sessions that focuses on your relationship with Jesus. Select to see a description of the nine sessions. You can purchase the Bible study below.

This is an all-inclusive study that comes with a leader guide, participant guide, a family participation guide, and the study materials, including an introduction to each scripture, the study template, and the scripture passage presented in a manuscript format that is ready for markup and interaction.

John leads WayQuest, a consulting collective that serves organizations, including ministries and nonprofits, in removing business distractions to focus on accomplishing their mission and purpose.

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