Our Founder

John Reece leads WayQuest with a goal to protect the heart and heritage of each organization we work with and join them on their journey toward thriving organizations. He navigates business conversations toward discovering how to optimize the stewarding of resources, the development of goods and services for the marketplace, and ultimately, transforming society through commerce.

John aligns strategic initiatives by translating vision into practical operations, incubating and launching programs through effective team deployment, focusing on financial performance, improving processes, and developing decision-making frameworks within business performance systems. He creates order out of chaos as he discovers patterns, connects dots, and solves complex challenges.

He is available to speak to groups in a training, seminar, workshop, lecture, or keynote setting.

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Who We Are

It is easy to get lost in the sea of consultants, service providers, and experts.

Our team is passionate about connecting with the people of the organizations we serve. We are driven by putting in place transformative actions, not just theorizing the possibilities of what could be.

We bring to the marketplace decades of executive and senior operations experience serving a broad range of industries and market sectors, including Technology, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Nonprofits, Churches, and others. Our team has worked with organizations at various stages, from start-ups to large Fortune 100 global businesses. Our unique combination of skills, experiences, and talents spark transformation in the organizations we serve.

Each of the organizations we work with is a unique combination of the problems they are solving, the people they employ, and how they work to accomplish their mission.

We model the way with a collaborative mentoring approach rather than simply saying what to do.

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Our Story

WayQuest is an expression of a journey John Reece (our founder) has been on for over fifteen years. With the desire for meaning beyond the pursuit of profit and believing business can be conducted with integrity to serve others, John started WayQuest on October 6, 2004. This date is a simple, yet significant mile marker. It represents the trailhead of a trek to understand what it means to live an integrated life; one where the typical compartments of faith, family, friends, work, career, and business are interwoven.

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