Post-COVID Leadership Toward Positive Entropy

Back in January, a few months before COVID hit, our church invested a fair amount of time and energy (and finances) into an online spiritual assessment, designed to help our people take ownership of their Life with Jesus. It was a great experience across our church family, and led to people having a conversation with Jesus about how they were doing, and then a conversation with a trusted friend for support and encouragement to grow.

As an added bonus from … Read the rest

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COVID Consultant Fatigue and One Nugget of Gold

I’m burned out on COVID consultants. When the lockdown started I couldn’t subscribe to enough webinars or download enough PDFs. I had a sense that this was a critical season in our church. In The Church. And I didn’t want to miss the window of opportunity to lead well and catalyze Kingdom movement.

Now I’m just ready for it to be over. I’m tired of the webinars and PDFs. And I just want to get back to pastoring.

But this … Read the rest

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What’s Next?

A line drive is turned into a double play. How long did the play take to develop and then be completed? If you thought about five seconds, you would be right and wrong. The elapsed time of action may be about five seconds — from the wind-up and delivery of the pitch to the graceful fielding of the ball and toss to your teammate before the runner touches the bag. However, these five seconds of action are the sum of … Read the rest

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My desire for accomplishment is only superseded by the intensity of distractions I allow in my life.

We are made to create and work. Our desire to accomplish is universal. The object of accomplishment ranges from survival to possibly acquiring wealth and power, or hopefully to making a positive impact on the world in some way.

What Gets in My Way?

Lack of focus and overall busyness of life are prevalent distractions in my life. Others may be distracted by … Read the rest

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Be Courageous

The world has changed in the past month or so. We cannot get away from the fact that the normal we were living will never come back. However, we have this unique opportunity to help define what the new normal will be going forward.

Our Shared Experience

We have experienced and heard about the pains of change: death, illness, loss of jobs, schedule changes, loss of hopes, and dreams that will never be accomplished.

We have seen restaurants respond with … Read the rest

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Get Stuff Done

I had an opportunity to work with a fantastic team that accomplished some major organizational improvements over a relatively short period of time, about eighteen months. We implemented changes that addressed deep needs of the staff and promoted an environment of collaboration and ownership of their work. Our slogan (or some may say “war cry”) was #GSD… Get Stuff Done. And done we did… enhance business planning, overhaul of the CRM system and sales process, formalize the employee performance management … Read the rest

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Keep Your Staff Growing

The Case for Church Performance Reviews—and How to Fire Well

Although “performance review” may seem like a corporate term, it’s simply a way of tracking growth or decay — matters that concern every organization. Here are some quick tips on church performance reviews, as well as the unfortunate task of employee termination.

Why a Performance Review

Outside feedback is critical for a reality check. Even the most elite athletes have coaches, trainers, sports psychologists, and nutritionists to push themselves to … Read the rest

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Solving Symptoms

Something is wrong! You see it… the thing you are expecting to happen is not happening. The quality of a product is not to spec. The turnaround time of a report with in-depth analysis is beyond the time you allowed. You see there is a problem and you ask your team to solve it. They work harder, and things start to get done quicker. The one quality issue that kept on popping up now goes away. You have effectively managed … Read the rest

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Employee Engagement is not a Marriage Proposal

You meet someone you want to spend time together building a relationship. You may come to realize you want to marry this someone special in your life. You know why you want to marry this person and how this person will make your life better. Our tradition in the U.S. is the man proposes marriage to his girlfriend. He commemorates her saying “Yes” by giving her an engagement ring.

Allow me to suggest employee engagement programs have elements like a … Read the rest

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