MPD Workshop Pre-work and Survey

Please prepare for our Ministry Partner Development Workshop by answering the following questions about your ministry. Bring your answers with you to the workshop.

  1. What is the purpose (mission and vision) of your ministry?
  2. What is the problem being solved?
  3. Who is being served by your ministry?
  4. What is the desired impact?
  5. How will people’s lives be transformed?

Also, please take the following survey by Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

Very ComfortableComfortableSlightly ComfortableSlightly UncomfortableUncomfortableVery Uncomfortable
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedSlightly SatisfiedSlightly UnsatisfiedUnsatisfiedVery Unsatisfied
Very ConfidentConfidentSlightly ConfidentSlightly InsecureInsecureVery Insecure