Organizational Development

Every organization is in a state of change, whether it is a start-up or an established market leader. We approach organizational development with a holistic view of our client’s organization. That view is through the lens of our Business Navigation FrameworkTM as we seek to help our clients improve their organizations. We believe improvement should occur continuously and is beyond a single project.

We believe organizational development is beyond team building and training. While these are important aspects of human resource development, we also want to consider that the organization is made up of work elements found in processes that are conducted by people. Developing and integrating ways of improving the work into daily activities is a significant contributor to employee engagement. We approach process improvements applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies with heavy consideration of the human element. Challenges often lie in sustaining good processes while keeping the focus on serving the needs of your customer in an ever-changing environment.

WayQuest Business Navigation FrameworkTM


Healthy organizations have a purpose that is clearly identified, pursued, and is used as a standard for decisions. Focus on purpose is required to achieve and sustain a well-run, successful organization.


People who are engaged, supported, developed, empowered, and released are effective contributors to the success of an organization. An organization that thrives is one that enables and releases its people to contribute in an effective manner.


Performance objectives center on enabling and realizing transformation of operations, minimizing waste, and ultimately, optimizing impact the organization has in its selected markets and society. The impact and success of an organization are the results of the work performed, the products developed and produced, and serving its customers. The impact an organization makes is what connects its work to the people it serves.