Planning & Performance Management

The CASE Framework for Business PerformanceTM is a model WayQuest developed to describe the planning and performance management cycle used by organizations to support decision making, resource allocations, and ultimately accomplish its mission. This framework is most effective when it is integrated within the daily activities of those working in the organization.

Communicate Vision

Vision is a picture of the mission fulfilled and provides an emotional connection to the mission and its overall purpose. Providing focus and clear understanding can be challenging for organizations.

Align Strategy

Strategy defines major goals to accomplish the organization’s mission and should be top of mind when making daily decisions. One of the challenges is capturing the uniqueness of the organization for market positioning.

Steward Resources

Operational planning, budgeting, and forecasting define products, services, and programs; the required resources; and financial costs to accomplish the mission of the organization. Required processes, projects, and resources are identified to do the work of the organization. Forecasting should be an extension of operational planning that enables dynamic response and adjustments to performance feedback. A common challenge in operational planning is the setting realistic expectations that support the strategic plan.

Evaluate Performance

Performance management supports decision-making and tracks the progress made toward achieving the goals of the organization. Monitoring progress and provide feedback in order to make course corrections are critical in the pursuit of the overall objectives. A challenge commonly faced is creating a positive planning and performance management environment and culture that is integrated into daily activities.