Smart Church Finances Bundle




We are pleased to offer this bundle of tools, templates, and field notes to complement our book, Smart Church Finances: A Pastor’s Field Guide to Budgets, Spreadsheets, and Other Stuff You Didn’t Learn in Seminary. We hope you will find these resources useful as you work on the business aspects of your ministry.

The following files are included in this bundle:

  1. An Overview of the Field Notes
  2. Field Note 1. State of your Church Assessment
  3. Field Note 2. Mission Prompter
  4. Field Note 3. Vision Prompter
  5. Field Note 4. Continuum of Business Planning
  6. Field Note 5. Strategic Planning Prompter
  7. Field Note 6. Operational Planning Prompter
  8. Field Note 7. Sample Job Description
  9. Field Note 8. Minister and Staff Compensation Checklist
  10. Field Note 9. Performance Review Form
  11. Field Note 10. Disciplinary Action
  12. Field Note 11. Square Footage Rules of Thumb
  13. Field Note 12. Sample Church Budget
  14. Field Note 13. Program Impact Assessment
  15. Field Note 14. Capacity Development Assessment
  16. Field Note 15. Church Metrics Assessment
  17. Field Note 16. Statement of Activities Example
  18. Field Note 17. Statement of Financial Position Example
  19. Field Note 18. Statement of Cash Flow Example
  20. Field Note 19. Performance Dashboard Example
  21. Field Note 20. Leader Engagement Assessment
  22. HR Form 1-Sample Job Description.docx
  23. HR Form 2-Performance Review Form.docx
  24. HR Form 3-Leader Engagement Assessment.docx
  25. Template 1-Strategic Plan.xlsx
  26. Template 2-Operating Plan.xlsx
  27. Template 3-Performance Assessments.xlsx
  28. Template 4-Financial Statements.xlsx