Program Management

The WayQuest Program Management Model focuses on supporting our clients in their pursuit of delivering excellent products and services as they solve problems for their customers. We breakdown the complexity of managing an overall program into these primary disciplines of product management, partner management, and project management in order to provide focus and attention to specific aspects of our clients’ solutions.

Product Management

We provide our clients with a way to more deeply understand the problem their product or service is solving for their customer, beyond simply applying the latest technology advancement, while diagnosing problems and not just solve for symptoms. We assist our clients in translating their customer needs into functional requirements and creating a release management process that supports quality products and services delivered to their customers. The elements of excellent product management we support include:

  • Customer problem definition and requirements validation
  • Product life cycle planning
  • Release management strategy
  • Market positioning
  • Performance feedback

Partner Management

We support our clients in implementing or enhancing their partner programs to maximize the partners contribution to their market solutions. We instill a belief that partners are more than vendors as they collaborate in a mutually beneficial relationship to augment and expand the capabilities of our clients. Partner management is a dynamic process that continuously identifies, qualifies, and verifies partner firms in support of delivering excellent products and services. We also provide coaching to our clients and their partners to develop the culture of

  • Partners being an extension of the team, becoming a trusted advisor and
  • Both our clients and their partners help each other become more successful

Project Management

We support our clients in either leading their project management efforts or augmenting their team by participating in selected phases of a particular project, including gathering and analyzing project requirements and creating and developing the project documents and assets. We utilize standard industry practices (Project Management Institute – PMI) while applying a practical, street-savvy, approach to running projects. The key to a successful project relies on effective communication, specifically in the areas of

  • Relating specific tasks of the project to overall goals and objectives
  • Setting expectations, along with target results and timing
  • Identifying and managing issues and recommending solutions within a project
  • Reporting progress and results, while facilitating changes to projects as needed