ThreadMattersTM is our bookstore offering Bible Studies and Bible Study materials. The method used for our studies is A Guided Manuscript Bible StudyTM approach John developed over ten years ago while leading a Men’s Bible study. During this time, he saw a need for a study that:

  • Introduces an accessible way to engage with scripture
  • Encourages interaction with a small group of people
  • Does not require homework
  • Minimal preparation by the leader
  • Presents each session as a stand-alone study, so it does not put you behind if you miss a session due to your busy schedule

The manuscript study combines the reading of scripture without chapter and verse references with an inductive study approach of observation, interpretation, and application. The scriptures are alive as the Holy Spirit joins in the conversation. One comment about the manuscript format is that “the scripture pops off the page” and into the lives of the ones studying.

It promotes a discussion focused on scripture, typically one passage at a time. The perspective question sets up the discussion for a life application. It is a flexible path of study that can be navigated to address particular needs of participants. It is not meant to be a discussion full of opinions based on traditions, a fill-in-the-blank Bible study, or a broad, topical training session.

Our studies offered here will not always be based on this approach as we add studies written by other authors.

You will also find highlighters available below – a tool used in our studies.

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