My desire for accomplishment is only superseded by the intensity of distractions I allow in my life.

We are made to create and work. Our desire to accomplish is universal. The object of accomplishment ranges from survival to possibly acquiring wealth and power, or hopefully to making a positive impact on the world in some way.

What Gets in My Way?

Lack of focus and overall busyness of life are prevalent distractions in my life. Others may be distracted by lack of access or ability to do what they desire or feel compelled to do. Money oftentimes takes our attention away from what we are trying to accomplish. Simple things like social media and email grabs our attention. And frankly, for me, it feels like I have watched or read more news in the past month than I have in the past ten years. Situation and surroundings sum up the sources of most of our distractions.

Things need to get done – we need to create and work.

We were so busy with the things of life; we didn’t stop to notice the world around us… the people. My wife and I instill in our kids “people are more important than stuff” and yet, I found myself guilty of rushing by people to go meet with other people or go do other things.

People need to interact with other people.

Virtual Coffee Meetings and More

I have always liked meeting people for a cup of coffee in the morning, but distractions get in the way. Schedules have been obliterated, allowing time to realize what has been missing. People are now connecting and reconnecting through video conferencing and phone calls yearning for relationship. I recently reconnected with a friend from undergrad I haven’t spoken with in decades. I have had more conversations with neighbors in the past two weeks than I have had in the past five years. People are outside walking and looking up more than they were a couple of months ago.

I hope this desire to stay connected with others does not fade away.

How Can I Deal with the Distractions?

Under “old normal” circumstances (read: pre-pandemic of 2020) the busyness of life with jam-packed schedules rushing kids to multiple team events, work, meetings, projects, were the distractions… oh, how I long for those distractions… kind of. I have found that while my schedule has been throttled back, distractions still abound.

Two simple words with depth of meaning can guide our thoughts as we sort through these current distractions of ever-changing news and uncertainties — determination and diligence.

Through determination we are focused on purpose and the why of what we want to accomplish. It helps us prioritize our attention and efforts.

How we pursue the work to be done should be with diligence or persistence.

Strike a Healthy Balance

Fun activities and simple diversions can be a relief from the intensity of the day-to-day. Don’t be drawn into the undertow of life-stopping distractions fed by worry or fear. Be determined and focused on your purpose and diligent in your pursuits.