Be Courageous

The world has changed in the past month or so. We cannot get away from the fact that the normal we were living will never come back. However, we have this unique opportunity to help define what the new normal will be going forward.

Our Shared Experience

We have experienced and heard about the pains of change: death, illness, loss of jobs, schedule changes, loss of hopes, and dreams that will never be accomplished.

We have seen restaurants respond with curb-side pick-up service and flexing their menus to keep their doors open. It seems that everyone is now using some kind of video conferencing service: employees learning to collaborate online with their co-workers; schools, teachers, and students adapting lectures and labs; and some churches moving to online services for the first time.

Like everyone, we are trying to figure this out. One month ago, we at WayQuest were about to launch a new program, but it seemed like the wrong time given all that has been going on. We are reshaping our offerings and pushing forward on projects that have been in the works with an updated perspective of recovering through this time of crisis.

Our Response

How should we respond during this time? How do we lead in and through recovery?

Respond with courage! Courage to lead through the confusion and concerns. Our leadership and planning principles remain the same and serve as a reminder to focus on the things that are certain while we look to the future in the midst of chaos and the changing world around us.

What are these certainties?

  • God is our creator. He made us in his image – for a purpose – and so we are made to create. We create in different ways, whether we are drawn to create art or to create products to sell.
  • We are made to work – another reflection of our creator. The loss of work for so many is devastating financially and also emotionally. We fulfill part of our purpose through the work we perform.

How can we move forward?

  • Reexamine and tighten the focus of our organization’s mission and vision. Is our purpose, (our mission) clear and inspiring? What do we need to do to accomplish our vision?
  • Prioritize projects and programs with an eye on the timing and completion within the shifting sands of this new normal.

Planning and prioritizing activities is nothing new. It is said that change is constant. The new is that the changes we have experienced have happened so quickly and drastically.

Our Courage

We can be courageous by leaning on the certainties of life. We can be confident in applying what we know to do regardless of the context or economic environment.

Let’s discover ways we can lead our organizations with courage together!

What are you learning that will help others during this time?