Post-COVID Leadership Toward Positive Entropy

Back in January, a few months before COVID hit, our church invested a fair amount of time and energy (and finances) into an online spiritual assessment, designed to help our people take ownership of their Life with Jesus. It was a great experience across our church family, and led to people having a conversation with Jesus about how they were doing, and then a conversation with a trusted friend for support and encouragement to grow.

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Solving Symptoms

Something is wrong! You see it… the thing you are expecting to happen is not happening. The quality of a product is not to spec. The turnaround time of a report with in-depth analysis is beyond the time you allowed. You see there is a problem and you ask your team to solve it. They work harder, and things start to get done quicker. The one quality issue that kept on popping up now goes away. You have effectively managed … Read the rest

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